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SWITCH – Our process
  • Initially we visit the development with you and complete a site inspection to identify key elements that need improvements.
  • We will assess the budget and contractors on the site and complete a full tender on the service provisions to ensure the development is getting the best value for money.
  • Work with directors to understand what contractors are doing well/not so well.
  • We will work on important matters during the handover period at zero cost.
  • We have a dedicated Handover Team
  • The Handover Team will be chasing the previous agent on information to ensure they are meeting the ARMA guidelines and timeframes.
  • As we receive data, we will be implementing this onto our systems and server – this will highlight any anomalies.
  • Set up our two client accounts for each development
  • We have a full handover checklist and work with the outgoing agent to ensure we receive all the information.
Our process ensures that there is a seamless transition so we hit the ground running from the first day of management.


Switching could never be easier, we will ensure to manage the entire process with your input so that you are kept well informed, but not strained with the handover.

  • A comprehensive review of the current management, with associated costs
  • Consultation with residents
  • Work with the outgoing management company to terminate or re-visit agreement
  • Recommendation for improvements
  • A new, refined budget

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1. Once half of the flats in the building have been joined together to form the acquisition group you will instruct Zone to act on behalf of the acquisition group.

2. Following the formula confirmed in the Leasehold Reform Housing and Urban Development Act 1993, the surveyor instructed will calculate the likely premium and put in place formal application to the freeholder.

3. The solicitor instructed will set up a company for the acquisition group with all participating leaseholders becoming a member of the company.

4. A participation agreement will be put together to be signed by all members of the company confirming contribution costs towards the acquisition.

5. Zone will serve the “Section 13 notice” on the freeholder.

6. Once the “Section 13 notice” has been served on the freeholder, the freeholder has two months to either contest the offer or come back with a premium counter offer. If the freeholder contests the right for the acquisition group to purchase the freehol then the acquisition group will have to apply to County Court for a declaration as to their entitlement. Should the Freeholder accept the acquisition groups right to purchase the freehold but disputes the terms such as the premium, another two month window is given to negotiate. If no agreement can be reached then a further four month window is given for either part to apply to the First Tier Tribunal to provide a ruling on the terms. If this goes to a Tribunal then the Tribunal will make a ruling further to hearing evidence from both parties.

7. Once terms have been agreed or the Tribunal has made a ruling, the acquisition group and freeholder are required to enter into a contract confirming the purchase of the freehold.

* Please note that the acquisition group are required to pay the freeholder’s reasonable, legal and surveyor’s costs as well as their own costs.


Are you a leaseholder that has had enough of your current management situation? Expensive service charges? Lack of communication and slow responses? Under the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 you can exercise your Right to Manage and remove your current management company.

Zone Property have assisted with numerous Leaseholders on the RTM process. Whilst the legislative provisions are fairly complex, we have the experience to make each step simple and easy. By law you are in your right to RTM, you do not have to get the Freeholders permission, prove any mismanagement or obtain any court order to exercise the right.

We offer the RTM consultation service free of charge.

We manage the entire RTM process from start to finish, with the outcome being you in control of your management and costs of your service charge. Once the right has been exercised, we will review and agree the management budget and then manage your
building in accordance to your requirements.